Get Yourself Aware about Ac Leaking

Roughly 90 percent of issues with air conditioning systems associate with water leakage. Even if these leakages are little, if you don’t resolve the situation rapidly it could eventually lead to considerable damage to your home and the unit itself. As a house owner, are you aware of the causes that trigger air conditioner leaking events?

Firstly Comprehend How Your AC Works

Initially, you ought to know that every air conditioner system has an evaporator coil. The function of this component is to cool the warm air blown over it. Basically, this is likely to activate condensation on the coil, similar to the method water beads form on a cold glass of water in a warm circumstances.

Eventually, the wetness on the coil winds up leaking into a drain pan, down a condensate drain line, and after that end up in your house. So, what are the primary causes behind an air conditioner leak?

Problems with your Air Conditioner

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Blocked Condensate Drain Line

Issues with the condensate drain line are quite typical. Therefore, you should resolve them as soon as you discover air conditioning unit leaking water. The drain line represents the first suspect when you’re handling water leakages. In case it ends up being clogged due to particles and dirt, the obstruction will cause leaks or ruptures of the line.

Another common situation is that the drain line isn’t firmly linked. This might happen if the installation wasn’t done carefully. Due to vibrations, the drain may be loosened up, which will undoubtedly result in the air conditioner leaking water in your house.

Now, considering that the drain line has actually been obstructed with dirt and debris, unclogging the line is a must. It’s best to request the support of an expert prior to the circumstance becomes worse. For your benefit, Afinityms provides licensed AC repair services in Lahore.

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Pan and Pump Issues

If your AC system is positioned in a basement, this might result in additional issues. The drain line is most likely to empty the condensate into a drain pan. Then it’s redirected by a condensate pump. If this kind of setup sounds familiar to you, then you’re more than likely to experience an air conditioner leaking water, and this can occur in different methods.

The most typical is the following:

If you’re convenient and no stranger to home tasks, you might attempt to change the rusted pan yourself, granted you understand what you’re doing. Otherwise, Afinityms licensed AC repair technicians are waiting to offer a few of the quickest, most trusted 24-hour AC repair services.

Dirty Air Filter

Another typical cause of an AC system that leaks water is an unclean air filter, which will obstruct the air flow over the evaporator coil.

If this takes place, the evaporator coil will imminently get too cold, and in many cases might freeze over. When the melting process starts, it will leak a considerable quantity of water that’s almost difficult for the pan to handle.

Be careful with the air filter. Change it if you see signs that it’s unclean. As a rule, and according to the guidelines the air filter should be changed every 1-3 months, depending on the season.

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Low Refrigerant

Similar to an unclean air filter will threaten the efficiency of your air conditioning system, the same can be stated about low refrigerant. This will lessen the pressure in the system and the evaporator coil will freeze. When the coil eventually melts, the water will overflow the drain pan and leave you with a leaking ac system.

When you’re short on refrigerant, you’ll notice that the air conditioner system does not have a superior cooling efficiency.

There’s also the possibility of hearing a perpetual, hissing or bubbling sound. In many cases, when the circumstance is more extreme, you might require to replace the air conditioning system entirely. In other cases, repairing the leak will do, granted it’s not too serious.

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Fix Your Air Conditioner Leaking Water Today!

Don’t ignore the value of keeping your air conditioner unit. For example, instead of awaiting the condensate line to get obstructed, you ought to clear it out on a regular basis. Hinder the undesirable accumulation of mildew, slime, and other aspects that could endanger the performance of your system. As quickly as you discover any water leakages or breakdowns with your unit, refer back to this article to help figure out the reason for the problem.

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