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Summer is finally here, which suggests you need to ensure your home is ready to endure blistering heat waves and soaring temperature levels in the coming months. While there are many methods to get rid of the trapped heat and make your house feel cool, people living in southern parts of the country are entirely dependent on air conditioning unit throughout summer. Nevertheless, owing to regular power breakdowns and substantial utility bills, running an ac system 24/7 is not a feasible alternative. To tackle the getting worse heat, going with professional roof heatproofing is most likely your finest option– particularly if you survive on the leading flooring.
So, how does roofing heat proofing work?

To put it merely, an extra layer of heat-resistant material is added to your roof to serve as a barrier. This product will absorb both heat and water, thus protecting your roofing system and preventing the recurring heat from entering your home.

A number of different business, both small and big, are offering roof heat proofing services throughout Pakistan.

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Popular Methods for Roof Heatproofing in Pakistan

These are a few of the most popular methods for heatproofing your roofing system.

Setting Up Heat Resistant Roofing Sheets

Setup of heat-resistant sheets can have a huge effect on the indoor temperature of your house.
One of the most popular methods of heatproofing your roof is to set up heat-resistant roof sheets. These factory-made sheets are highly efficient for safeguarding your home from sun radiation. They are normally made with corrugated patterns and are considered one of the best choices for those seeking to insulate along with waterproof their roofing systems.

There are various types of heat-proof sheets utilized across Pakistan, though Polyester Painted Sheet, Galvanised Steel Sheet, and PVC Plastisol Sheet are a few of the most popular alternatives readily available in the market.

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These corrugated heat-proofing sheets are light-weight and can easily withstand severe weather conditions. They are also long-lasting, resilient, sustainable, energy-efficient, and most notably, cost effective.

If you have an interest in discovering more, do not hesitate to have a look at our comprehensive guide on heat resistant roof sheets in Pakistan.

Using Modified Bitumen Membrane

Bitumen is one of the most typical materials utilized in roof heat-proofing treatments
This is yet another widely known roof heat-proofing treatment in Pakistan.

Since roofs in houses throughout the nation are typically flat, the application of modified bitumen rolls on their surface area can significantly reduce the absorption of heat and water, simultaneously heat-proofing and waterproofing your home. These bitumen rolls are comprised of asphalt and other adhesives that are melted and spread out throughout the surface of the roof till it is completely covered.

Most homeowners choose to paint them black, molten bitumen membrane with white paint to more heat-proof the roofing while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

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Using Roof Cooling Chemical or Paint

This white reflective paint can safeguard your home from ultra-violet rays
Using reflective white paint to heat-proof your roofing is likewise a popular yet affordable method. Though it may look like regular white paint, this heatproofing chemical serves 2 main purposes. Initially, it helps reflect the ultraviolet rays, hence keeping your house cool. Secondly, it assists to reduce the temperature level of the roofing by increasing the resistivity index of the concrete slab.

Likewise referred to as roof cooling finishing, this reflective paint is suitable for both flat and angled roofs. Moreover, numerous layers of this chemical have to be used on the surface area utilizing a routine paintbrush, roller brush, mop, or spray machine.

The elastomeric coating may be the most typical choice for roofing heat-proofing treatment in Pakistan heat-proofing treatment owing to its solar reflective property.

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Selecting Built-up Roofing (BUR)

BUR is a cost-efficient technique for water and heatproofing your house

Built-up roofing, which is also understood by its abbreviation BUR, is mainly utilized on flat or low-slope roofings to keep the house cool during the hot summer months. This roofing system heat-proofing treatment makes up of alternate layers of bitumen, ply sheets, and enhancing fabric. The top layer of the built-up roof makes up of rocks, marble, and gravel aggregate to keep the heat from taking into the roof. The minerals also act as a protective layer versus wetness, keeping it from seeping into the roofing system by entirely sealing the surface.

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In addition to waterproofing your roofing and protecting it from ultraviolet rays, the leading layer of a built-up roof is also resistant to fire.

A built-up roof is very resilient, simple to keep, and relatively low-cost.

To conclude, if your house gets truly hot in summertime no matter how well-ventilated it is, you must consider choosing one of those treatments. Simply contact a reliable roofing heat-proofing business to get an estimate and weigh all of your choices before making the last option.

On a side note, here are a couple more guides that might assist you to take on the hot summer season right around the corner.

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