How to Clean Window Blinds

If you have window blinds you know that they do a fantastic job of keeping the sun out of a space and including privacy however it’s hard to find out how to clean up window blinds. Dust and dirt left on blinds shows, but worse than that, it can add irritants to your home. A little time invested during spring cleaning is a terrific way to get in the routine of keeping them clean.

Here are Some useful tips by Afinityms for cleaning window blinds and maintenance.


If you prefer a more ‘hands-on’ technique, utilize a microfiber fabric and barely dampen it. If your blinds are extra dirty or unclean, add a drop of rubbing alcohol or a drop of dish soap to help cut through the dust and grime.

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Utilize a blind duster
These blind duster tools are excellent for quickly cleaning window blinds. The microfiber can be removed and laundered in between usages and it works fantastic to trap dust from both sides of the blinds simultaneously.

window blinds cleaning

Perk: you can clean up 2 blind slats at once.

Vacuum Cleaner

If you have avacuum cleanerwith a soft brush attachment and an extending pipe, attempt using it to vacuum your blinds. This is my preferred technique because it’s fast and it does an excellent task of capturing any dust in a hurry. Do you have window blinds? What’s your preferred technique of cleaning them? Give us a call for further assistance or any query. Our cleanings are toxic and odor-free. Safe and effective results. We are just one call away.

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