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Strong wood, as a product of option for countertops, shows incontestable benefits such as:


Imparting a warm, relaxing sensation, the wooden top is the natural complement of any strong wood or veneered cabinetry. The wood tops will incredibly fit with wood floor coverings, moldings, cornices, and mantels, providing a genuine sense of balance to your kitchen area.


A wood top is very simple to cut to templates and even much easier to install. Unlike the solid surface area or laminate, wood tops have a minimum of chemical parts, which makes them incredibly safe in contact with foods. Unlike the other countertop products, any occurring scratch can be quickly gotten rid of by sanding the location the wood tops constitute the just known surface that can be renewed without employing unique tools or needing special skills. Hardwood surface areas can be used as kitchen island tops, inserted sink covers, sections of the countertop, or butcher blocks concealed under the countertop that can be pulled as a drawer or cart.

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Your creativity will surely discover a lot of other intriguing, aesthetically appealing applications.


If properly sealed and set up, a wood top can last a lifetime. Unlike marble, granite, or tile, the wood tops have a terrific shock-soaking-up capacity that guarantees significant life expectancy.


For a quite few years, the plastic and laminate surfaces, due to their non-porous structure were considered much safer than wood for applications such as chopping meat or slicing vegetables. The wood, because of its porosity was thought a perfect surface for hazardous germs like Salmonella, Staphylococcus, or Escherichia coli to flourish. Nevertheless, a study undertaken in 1993 by the microbiologists of the Wisconsin Food Research Institute and another one performed in 1998 at the University of Florida found the strong anti-bacterial properties that wood surfaces show, homes that no other cutting surface area appears to possess.

According to these studies and to others that followed them, on wood surface areas, bacterial populations disappear rather fast, without external intervention, while on plastic surfaces they continue and multiply. Although these properties differ among wood types, wooden cutting surface areas are increasingly accepted as the very first choice of health-conscious people.


Hardwood is usually priced greater than laminate however is far less expensive than stone, granite, solid surface area, tile, or steel.

The butcher block countertops supplied come in beech wood, cherry, walnut, oak, white beam (hickory appearance), acacia (black locust), or tough maple with a big range of measurements and grades. They can be easily installed, durable, strong, and above all budget-friendly.

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