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A good bed mattress is a costly investment, so it makes sense to discover how to look after it. Sadly, spills or mishaps sometimes take place, specifically if you’re having breakfast in bed or your kids aren’t yet toilet-trained. But, how do you clean a bed mattress? After all, it’s not like you can just toss it in the washer if it ends up being stained.

The best thing you can do is to avoid getting your mattress filthy in the first place. Framing the mattress and the box spring in hypoallergenic cases safeguards them from dust and grime and will cut down on dust mites. However, liquid can still seep through many cases and into the mattress. You may want to consider putting a rubber sheet on the bed mattress for defense against spills or childhood mishaps.

Of course, given that the majority of people find that these rubber sheets bunch up and are uncomfortable to sleep on, you might choose to run the risk of getting the bed mattress damp, specifically if there isn’t a big chance that you will spill your morning coffee or your kids are older.

Afinityms cleaning Mattress with Vacuum

If you do get your mattress unclean, you can follow these easy steps to get it clean yourself or in other case you can hire registered company for your task like afinity maintenance company.


1. To get rid of dirt or dust, whip out your vacuum. Most mattress makers suggest that periodically vacuuming your bed mattress is an excellent concept, even if it does not look dirty, to keep allergen under control.

2. If you need to clean up a liquid spill or a stain, don’t get your favorite stain removal product. Mattresses are made from products that may not respond well to chemicals. Rather, you ought to just try to blot up any liquid and leave the stain alone. If you can’t bear the thought of leaving the stain on your bed mattress or if it has a strong odor, you can utilize a fabric moistened with cold water to gently scrub the stain.

Afinityms cleaning Mattress

In addition, bacteria can grow on a dirty shower curtain. This can be unsafe for people with breathing issues, children, or the elderly. Keeping your curtain clean is the best way to avoid disease.

Clean your shower curtain with a cleansing service that is made to kill mold. The majority of materials utilized in curtains can’t be put in the cleaning machine. Check the cleaning instructions that included your curtain. If it can be machine washed, utilize warm water and a little bleach to kill mold and bacteria. Another option is to clean the curtain and use lemon juice. Set the curtain outside in the sun. The sun responds with lemon juice to kill mold.

Once you have eliminated the mold, it’s essential to avoid it from returning. Here are some things you can do to keep the mold away.

Ensure your bathroom is well aerated.

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You can utilize a little bit of mild soap on the fabric if the stain will not budge, however just make sure you don’t end up making your mattress or box spring wetter than it already is.

3. When you clean up the spill or stain, leave the sheets off your bed mattress and let it completely air dry before you cover it back up. There’s absolutely nothing worse than a moldy mattress, specifically if the person sleeping on it has serious mold allergic reactions.

If your clean areas are very dry, you can start spraying baking soda on your mattress. You can use up to 1 pound box throughout if you like. Leave it on overnight, 24 full hours if possible, and then clean it. Baking soda is not the only way to refresh your mattress. If it is sunny outside and your mattress is easy to move, you can let your mattress soak in the sunlight and fresh air for a few hours of natural light and useless stain removal.

Once your mattress is tidy and dry, you may want to utilize this opportunity to flip it over so that it uses more equally. You should turn your bed mattress over three or 4 times a year to help it last longer.
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