10 Common Ac Problems That You Encounter

Air conditioner or AC cooling problem are one of every property owner’s most significant headaches, especially in Pakistan. Temperatures routinely increase over 100 ° F, which implies that things can get uneasy in a hurry whenever there are air conditioner issues. Even the best HVAC systems will ultimately have some problems, so it’s essential to acknowledge them quickly, diagnose them properly, and fix them as soon as possible. Our staff at AfinityMS have worked on countless different a/c over the years, and we discover that the following ten concerns are the most common ones you’re likely to experience.

Common AC Problems:

1- Clogged Drains

When your air conditioner deals with the air, it removes excess moisture. Some wetness occurs because the processes cool the air inside your HVAC system. Your air conditioning system drains all this moisture into a pan and down a drain to eliminate it.

Water will start to support if there’s a clog throughout this system. Such an event can damage your system or leak into your walls, floorings, and ceilings. Look for excess moisture and call an HVAC contractor before you get a mold problem.

2- Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil in your a/c unit is filled with refrigerant, so it can take in heat from the air, cooling it down before blowing it into your home. One typical AC cooling problem is interrupted airflow. Your evaporator coil has no more warm air to treat. When this occurs, it’s not unusual for the evaporator coil to get too cold and accumulate ice. With ice on the evaporator coil, it won’t be able to do its task correctly. Your home will either get warm air or no air at all.

ac cooling problem

3- Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is crucial for your AC system to eliminate heat and excessive humidity from the air. If the refrigerant level gets too low, your home cannot cool the air as successfully as it once could. It’s not specifically tough for an HVAC contractor to include more refrigerant, but unfortunately, the problem usually exceeds that. Low refrigerant levels typically happen because of other AC cooling problem. For example, it might have dropped because of leakages, holes in the refrigerant lines, or somewhere else in your air conditioner. You’ll have to get those fixed to ensure that your new refrigerant doesn’t merely leak out again.

4- Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are discovered in the outside part of your AC unit, which indicates they’re at higher risk of getting exposed to dirt, dust, and other pollutants.

It is a typical issue in big cities where there is a lot of soot and contamination in the air, and it also results in AC system issues here in the desert where there’s lots of dust. When the condenser coils are covered in gunk, they can’t transfer heat out of the building exceptionally effectively. Your system will have more difficulty doing its task, putting wear and tear on other parts, eventually resulting in a complete a/c failure.

5- Faulty Sensor

Your a/c unit uses a sensing unit to identify when it needs to increase or decrease the temperature. If the sensing unit is malfunctioning or is in the incorrect location, it won’t be able to assess the temperature level precisely. You may notice that your a/c unit is going on and off at uncommon times or with unusual consistency. An HVAC professional in AC services will be able to repair this circumstance by testing the sensor itself and ensuring it’s positioned effectively.

6- Air Conditioning Capacitor Problems

Your capacitor is the element that keeps whatever else in your air conditioning unit running. It’s an effort to keep the motors going, so cooling capacitors periodically get worn out and must be replaced.

Routine cleaning and condenser filter replacements can help your capacitor last longer by reducing how difficult it has to work to do the job. You’ll discover when you have a broken capacitor because it creates apparent AC service problems. For example, your system will make uncommon sounds, turn itself off, or stop working to turn on.

7- Circuit Board Problems

The control panel in your a/c unit equates your settings so the air conditioning can function. If it begins to appear that your AC system has established a mind of its own, this likely points to a control board problem.

It is the first place an HVAC professional will inspect if your AC overlooks your temperature level settings—Pro Tip by Afinityms Experts.

8- Air Conditioner Trips Circuit Breaker

If your breaker journeys every time the air conditioner switches on, it means there’s a severe electrical problem. Contact an HVAC troubleshooting expert as soon as possible whenever this takes place. For one thing, your home cannot cool off until the problem is solved. Worse still, it can cause hazardous electrical overloads.

9- Compressor Problems

It is one of the common air conditioning problems that might lead to difficulty cooling your house. Compressors wear out with time, preventing them from pressurizing the refrigerant efficiently. If the refrigerant level in your a/c unit is excellent, but your house still isn’t cooling, it could be because the compressor’s output has been compromised.

10- Wear and Tear in Outside Unit

The outdoor part of your unit is prone to air conditioner troubles, given that it’s exposed to the components. Common issues include harmed connections, typical wear and tear, and pest damage. Routine AC maintenance services can help you avoid or correct these issues immediately.

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