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AfinityMS - Glass Cleaning
Glass Cleaning
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Afinityms - Sofa Cleaning Services
Sofa Cleaning
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Solar Panel Cleaning​
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AfinityMS - Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
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AfinityMS - Sleeper Sofa Cleaning
Sleeper Sofas
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Window Cleaning
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Cleaning of Kitchens
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AfinityMS - Drapery Cleaning
Drapery Cleaning
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Marble & Tile Chemical Floor Polish
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Fade External Building Cleaning - AfinityMS
External Building & Facade Cleaning
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Cleaning of Rooms and General Area
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Basement Cleaning / Water Removing
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Mattress Cleaning
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Sofa Sectional Cleaning - AfinityMS
Sectional Sofas
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Tile Cleaning Services | AfinityMS
Marble & Tile Floor Waxing
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AfinityMS - Fution Cleaning Services
Futons Cleaning
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Afinityms - Bathroom Cleaning
Cleaning of Bathrooms​
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RUG Cleaning Services - AfinityMS
Rugs Cleaning
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Lahore Top Cleaning Services

You can discover when you go through homes that provide cleaning services that they don’t quite meet your demands and the price they quote you is too expensive. Nevertheless, they provide stability and predictability, something you might not always get when employing a freelance cleaner.

You shouldn’t choose carelessly who to use for your house cleaning service requirements. You should consider choosing someone who is not just quick and efficient but also trustworthy with your possessions and provides a professional service because you are admitting a guest into your house.

Sofa Cleaning Services: Bringing back comfort and cleanliness

Without a question, the sofa is among the most used pieces of furniture in a home. It accumulates dust, filth, and stains over time from continuous use, which may make DIY cleaning procedures challenging. Professional sofa cleaning services in Lahore use trained specialists who are knowledgeable about the many types of upholstery materials and cleaning methods. Your couch will be cleaned and made comfortable again after they utilize eco-friendly methods to eliminate allergies, strong odors, and stains.

Bringing New Life to Your Flooring with Carpet Cleaning Services

Any area benefits from having carpeting because they give warmth and charm, but they also draw dirt, pet dander, and spills like a magnet. To keep them clean, regular vacuuming is only so effective. However, Lahore’s expert carpet cleaning services provide a deeper and more comprehensive cleaner. Your carpets will be clean, vivid, and allergen-free after these treatments, which use cutting-edge machinery like steam cleaning or hot water extraction, to remove entrenched dirt and contaminants.

Getting a Good Night's Sleep with Mattress Cleaning Services

Your mattress must be clean to get a good night’s sleep and maintain general health. Mattresses may gather perspiration, dead skin cells, dust mites, and other contaminants over time, resulting in allergies and other respiratory and health problems. Services for thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing Lahore mattresses use specialized equipment and methods. These services guarantee that you and your family may have a clean and restful sleeping environment by eliminating allergies and odours.

Proficient cleaning services provide benefits

Expert cleaning services may offer more benefits than mere cleanliness in Lahore. You may concentrate on other important activities or spend quality time with your loved ones since these services save you time and effort. Professional cleaning is carried out efficiently and effectively thanks to the knowledge and experience of experienced staff, who also provide results that far outperform those obtained via do-it-yourself projects. Furthermore, expert cleaning services promote a sustainable and eco-aware cleaning methodology using safe and eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

Home Environment That Is Bright and Comfortable

Your house may be made into a bright and welcoming atmosphere using Lahore couch, carpet, and mattress cleaning services. Additionally, to improve the looks of your house, clean and well-maintained furniture and flooring can help improve the air quality within. You and your family may breathe better and benefit from a healthier living environment after allergens and contaminants have been thoroughly eliminated.


Water Tank Cleaning

Clean Water means Healthy Life!

Unclean water tanks Unclean water may contribute to outbreaks of cholera, gastroenteritis, and dysentery, to mention a few.

You may use potable water for cooking and drinking, but not for cleaning your kids or brushing your teeth. The water we use at home must be bacteriologically pure as a consequence. For you and your family’s safety, we provide cutting-edge and efficient water tank cleaning procedures. To clean your water tank and provide you first-rate water tank cleaning services, we will engage qualified experts.


Our experts are well-equipped with high-pressure and water-efficient equipment to remove all kinds of dirt and stains from many kinds of pavements & rooftops in your home, office, or commercial space. We are using specific cleaning agents for the pavement to ensure a noticeable effect. For more details, kindly contact us.

Garage and sideways Cleaning

To keep your garage and sideways clean, organized, and shining like new upon request, we are supplying skilled workers together with top-notch cleaning supplies and equipment. There are other alternatives. In order to get further details, kindly contact us.


Our Expert cleaners are providing cleaning & sterilization (with UV LIGHT) service to remove dirt, oil, and residues from domestic and commercial kitchens, kitchen hoods ducts, and kitchen exhaust fans to provide a clean and sterile environment for hygienic food.


We provide deep cleaning and disinfection services once your home or building is constructed, and we make it ready for you to move in without any hassle. We clean every inch of your new facility and disinfect it. For more details, kindly contact us.

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Qasim Aslam
Qasim Aslam
Bht achi service ha.friendly staff ha.aur masjid k liye free service dena tareef k kabil ha.
Javeed Rashed
Javeed Rashed
Thanks Afinity Maintenance Services. Today your experienced people done my ac service i am really happy for your most expensive team and thay done the job really in perfect way i am happy for my ac working profect . God bless your Maintenance company And God bless all of you . Once again Thank you so much . Keep it up . And pray to serve more customers.
Talal Ahmed
Talal Ahmed
Very professoional staff. Highly recommended
Mr Majeed
Mr Majeed
Best services with security


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