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Electrical | Breaker Changing | AfinityMS
Breaker Replacement

Starting From – 500/-

Electrical | Electrical Wiring | AfinityMS
Electrical Wiring

Starting From – 500/-

Electrical | Celling Fan | AfinityMS
Ceiling Fan

Starting From – 500/-

Electrical | UPS Installation | AfinityMS
UPS Installation

Starting From – 500/-

Electrical | Chandlier Installaton
Chandelier Light Installation

Starting From – 500/-

Electrical | Distribution Box Wiring | AfinityMS
Distribution Box Wiring

Starting From – 500/-

Electrical | Exhaust Fan | AfinityMS
Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Starting From – 500/-

Electrical Services | Fault Tracing Diagnosis | AfnityMS
Fault Tracing Diagnosis

Starting From – 500/-

Electrical Services | Earthing Ground Wiring | AfnityMS
Earthing (grounding system)

Starting From – 500/-

Electrical Services | Generator Installation | AfnityMS
Generator Installation

Starting From – 500/-

Electrical Services | Solar Panel System Installation | AfnityMS
Solar Panel System Installation

Starting From – 500/-

Electrical Services | Light Plug Installation | AfnityMS
Light Plug Installation

Starting From – 500/-

Electrical Services | Generator Service | AfnityMS
Generator Service

Starting From – 500/-

Electrical Services | Telephone PABX / PBX Exchange Installation | AfnityMS
Telephone / PBX Exchange

Starting From – 500/-

Electrical Services | LCD / LED TV Installation | AfnityMS
LCD / LED TV Installation

Starting From – 500/-

Electrical Services | Networking LAN Wire Installation | AfnityMS
LAN Wire Installation

Starting From – 500/-

Electrical Maintenance and Installation in Lahore

Afinityms provides electrical services in Lahore, which are based on skilled persons. To meet the client’s needs, we offer a complete range of repairing services, including Breaker Replacement or Upgrade, Installation of Appliances, UPS/Solar panel installation, and more. We ensure that you remain free from home/office electricity disruptions. We provide you with the best electric maintenance and repair solutions.

Electrical Services that we Offer

Breaker Replacement or Upgradation:

The protector of your electrical system is a circuit breaker designed to prevent short circuits and overloads. Our skilled technicians are right out to handle your needs, whether your home/office requires a breaker replacement or an upgrade to accommodate loads. We evaluate your system and implement the best repair solutions, ensuring your electrical infrastructure meets safety standards. We also provide contract-based electrician services and products to commercial units and factories.

Installation of Electrical Appliances

In today’s world, electrical appliances are necessities of life, and our lives revolve around these appliances. Our expert provides exceptional services for installing various household electric appliances like Microwave ovens, Stacked Washing Machines, Electric Water heaters, Gas Fireplace, Refrigerator repairs, Electric fans, etc.

UPS / Solar Panels Installation

It would help if you had a backup power solution for an uninterrupted electricity supply in Lahore. UPS and solar panels provide a consistent power supply. Our experts can efficiently install these systems. We are providing UPS installation with/without wiring. We provide services from installations to replacing batteries, wiring and fixing issues related to the system.

Benefits of Electrical Repair Services

Safety First

Electric work requires a high level of experience to ensure safety. Our electrical technicians are skilled enough to follow safety protocols to ensure that all services are delivered well without any danger.


We are fixing problems with your electricity units and reducing them. We make sure that your system remains in good condition and prevents dangers. Afinityms helps you avoid costly repairs and save money.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Our electrician upgrades your electrical unit and appliances to make sure that your energy usage is efficient. We reduce the wastage of electricity, and the result of this is a decrease in electricity bills. Energy efficiency is not only good for your wallet but also for the environment.

Up-to-date with Latest Technologies

New technologies are consistently developing in the electrical field. Our professionals stay informed about these technologies to ensure your electrical installations and repairs incorporate the latest technologies. It means we provide the best electrician services and advanced control over your home’s systems.

Customer Reviews

Very Excellence and Professionals Cleaning Services in Lahore. I recommend to others my Friends and family. Thanks AfinityMS 🙂 <3
Mirha mubashar Butt
Mirha mubashar Butt
I just hired affinity to clean my house and maintain my AC, and I had a great experience. The air quality was much improved by the fast, detailed work of the AC professionals. The housekeeping team did a good job. because of the staff's focus on providing excellent customer service. highly recommended!
Iram Sehzaad
Iram Sehzaad
Excellent Solar Panel Cleaning Services. Our Solar Panel is very dirty; my friend told me Afinityms provide very professional and Quality Cleaning and Maintenance Services. I called them; I am satisfied and thrilled with their services. Next time again, I will call Afinity. Thank You For Great Services Afinity Maintenance Services
Hafsa Zahoor
Hafsa Zahoor
It's a great and professional Sofa Cleaning Services in Lahore. I'm really Appreciate and satisfied with AfinityMS. I recommend to others. Thank You Afinity Maintenance Service.