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AC Services

We offer comprehensive services for AC (Air Conditioner)
brands, including maintenance, repairs, and installations

AC Split Services / Cleaning

Starting From – 1500/-

AC Repairing

Starting From – 1500/-

Service Window AC

Starting From – 1500/-

Casette and Standing Units

Starting From – 1500/-

Gas Refilling - Inverter / Deep Freeze

Starting From – 1500/-

PCB Card Repairing (1 & 2 ton AC)

Starting From – 1500/-

Installation of Split Unit

Starting From – 1500/-

Piping Installation

Starting From – 1500/-

Removal of Ac

Starting From – 1500/-

Central Cooling System

Starting From – 1500/-

Enhancing Comfort and Efficiency at Home by AC Services in Lahore

Appliances like AC should be properly maintained to make it work better. As a result, the appliance must go through proper maintenance before the beginning of the summer season. In Summer nothing could be worse than that AC malfunctioning. In the extreme heat looking for a person who can do competent Best AC Services in Lahore might be difficult. You may now make appointments for AC service and repair work near your home. Our reviews show Afinityms is providing the best services in your town.

Residents of Lahore who have had issues with their air conditioning are likely aware of how critical it is to ensure that the AC unit is continuously operating at peak efficiency during the summer, when the temperature may approach 48 degrees Celsius. Even a little issue with the air conditioner can disturb your daily schedule. We agree with the recommendation of professionals that you should get the finest AC maintenance services completed before the summer season begins.

Many companies are providing services in Lahore areas, but they are limited in their services. We provide every type of detailed service.

Services of AC That We Offer

AC Services - Afinityms


Utilize our services if you need an Old / New AC installation. After the AC is installed, the technician will check the appliance performance to ensure everything functions correctly.


Our Services handle all your AC cleaning needs. We make a clean and efficient AC system in your home by cleaning AC ducts, coils, and filters outside the panel, together with the drain and filler pipes, vents, and cleaning water trays. We also provide services of testing gas pressure, and filling gas cylinders.


We offer a complete range of AC repair services. Our experienced technicians provide you with a fast service in electronics and appliance repair. Trust us for the best repairs in Lahore.


If you need a skilled AC technician to uninstall an air conditioner, you should choose us. We guarantee you that all this process is done efficiently and there will be no damage to your Ac.

Top Benefits of Regular AC Services in Lahore

Improved Efficiency and Performance

On a regular basis AC services keep your Air Conditioner at optimal efficiency. Over time, accumulation of dust and debris can decrease performance and increase energy consumption. A properly serviced AC saves on electricity bills and also improves cooling.

Enhanced Air Quality

Air conditioners not only cool the air; they also filter out dust particles and allergens. Regular maintenance ensures air quality clean and keeps the environment healthy. This is beneficial particularly for those who have allergies and respiratory issues.

Extended Lifespan

If you take good care of your AC, it will last a long time. So, regular services are mandatory to avoid unexpected breakdowns and prevent costly repairs. Ensure that your AC unit remains better in its efficiency.

Peace of Mind

If you need peace of mind, then schedule regular Air Conditioner services. Knowing that the team of professionals have examined and taken care of your AC means nothing to worry about. Enjoy the stress-free environment. Enjoy the comfort of your home with the assurance that your AC is ready to beat the summer.

How do we work?

Visit our website or download the App for Afinityms and search for ‘AC Repair Lahore’ on the search page to get the finest professional AC Services in a moment. A pop-up window will appear where you must provide the required information. The questionnaire comprises questions such as what kind of service is required – split AC or window Air Conditioning service, location, time, etc. Once your request has been posted to the site, a professional will contact you to confirm a convenient appointment and dispatch a qualified technician to your home.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I request a repair or service from Facilities Services?
There are two options to request a repair or service:
  1. Complete a web request form.
  2. Contact the Facilities Service Center at 0309-4423312.
What is the difference between a Service Request and a Maintenance Request?

A maintenance request is generally completed for the maintenance/repair of buildings and systems including heating, air conditioning, ventilating, electrical, and plumbing.

Do I need to be home for my appointment?

You do not need to be home during your monthly maintenance appointment.

Do I need to sign up for all of your services?

The only required service is the basic monthly maintenance program. Through this service we get to know your home and take care of the little issues that arise before they become big issues.

Who conducts my maintenance appointments?

We have a team of skilled technicians who conduct the scheduled maintenance appointments.

How do I pay for the service?

We send out invoices via sms of any additional services in your contract and any costs relating to project work completed since the previous invoice.

Customer Reviews

Very Excellence and Professionals Cleaning Services in Lahore. I recommend to others my Friends and family. Thanks AfinityMS 🙂 <3
Mirha mubashar Butt
Mirha mubashar Butt
I just hired affinity to clean my house and maintain my AC, and I had a great experience. The air quality was much improved by the fast, detailed work of the AC professionals. The housekeeping team did a good job. because of the staff's focus on providing excellent customer service. highly recommended!
Iram Sehzaad
Iram Sehzaad
Excellent Solar Panel Cleaning Services. Our Solar Panel is very dirty; my friend told me Afinityms provide very professional and Quality Cleaning and Maintenance Services. I called them; I am satisfied and thrilled with their services. Next time again, I will call Afinity. Thank You For Great Services Afinity Maintenance Services
Hafsa Zahoor
Hafsa Zahoor
It's a great and professional Sofa Cleaning Services in Lahore. I'm really Appreciate and satisfied with AfinityMS. I recommend to others. Thank You Afinity Maintenance Service.