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Split AC Service / Cleaning Full
Starting From-500
AC Repairing
Starting From-500
Window AC Service
Starting From-500
Service Casette and Standing Units
Starting From-500
Gas Refilling - Inverter AC
Starting From-500
PCB Card Repairing (2 ton AC)
Starting From-500
Installation of Split Unit
Starting From-500
PCB Card Repairing (1 ton AC)
Starting From-500
Piping Installation
Starting From-500
Removal of Ac
Starting From-500
Split AC Service / Cleaning Normal
Starting From-500
Gas Refilling / Refrigerator / Deep Freez
Starting From-500
Central Cooling System
Starting From-500
Installation of Standing Floor Unit
Starting From-500

Best AC Services in Lahore

Like any other equipment, an appliance such as AC has to be maintained and cared for its proper working. Hence, the appliance should undergo good service before the start of the summer season. After all, nothing may be worse than a broken or defective AC. Hunting a service worker for professional AC services and repair in the scorching temperature might be a pain. You may now book AC maintenance service and repair close to your house. Afinity Maintenance Services have proved to be a blessing for our clients as we continue to collect positive testimonies and reviews from our consumers.

How do we work?

Visit or download the App for Afinityms and search for ‘AC Repair’ on the search page to get the finest professional AC service near me in a moment. A pop-up window will appear where you will be required to provide the required information. The questionnaire is comprised of questions such as what kind of service is required – split AC or window AC service, location, time, etc. Once your request has been posted to the site, a professional will contact you to confirm a convenient appointment time and dispatch a qualified technician to your home.

Services offered in AC Service and Repair Near me

Installation of AC: 

For AC installation near me, use this service. After the AC is installed, the professional will examine the gas pressure and performance of the appliance to guarantee that it is working correctly.

Uninstalling an existing AC:

Select this option If you need the assistance of trained specialists to demount an AC. The appliance will be inspected prior to the removal of the ac unit, and the gas will be kept in an appropriate way in order to ensure that your air conditioner is prepared for the following installation.

AC Cleaning Services:

This AC service in Lahore comprises a comprehensive cleaning of your AC system (which is not faulty). Cooling coils, condenser coils, the outside panel, the drain, and the pipes will be thoroughly cleaned and washed using high-pressure jet pumps. Click this option if you want your AC thoroughly cleaned.

AC Repairing Services:

Choose this option for diagnosing and repairing your AC in DHA. The professional will check the AC upon visitation and provide a quotation depending on the condition of the appliance and problems, while cost-effectiveness is always in consideration.

AC Services in Lahore:

Residents of Lahore who have had problems with their air conditioning will know how important it is to keep their AC in perfect working order. In the summer, when the temperature can get close to 48 degrees Celsius, a small problem with the ac can mess up your daily plans. Experts say that you should get the best AC service before summer starts, and we agree. There are a lot of air conditioning services in Lahore, DHA, Askari, and other parts of the city, and it can be hard to find the best one near you. There are many possible reasons. For example, some may only offer basic AC maintenance services, while others may focus on specific brands, like a Dell service center or a Haier service center in DHA, and only work on that brand of equipment.

In the same way, some of the centers may focus on split AC Service, while others offer services for all kinds of AC maintenance in Lahore. At AfinityMS, we can find you the right, well-trained AC repair technician for your needs. We can help you find an expert who can take care of your air conditioning repair service needs at a time and ac service price in Lahore that works for you, whether you need emergency AC repair or a specific service like “AC Service near me”.

We Care for Everything related to AC service, have a look at how?

Our AC services encompass everything from installation and UN installation to maintenance and emergency repairs.

Installation Services:

We do both central AC installation and split AC installation in Lahore. We can take care of any kind of home, from single-story houses to apartments in high-rise buildings. Our experts ensure that every part of every AC, from the gas pressure to the coiling, is done according to the air conditioning company set standards. You just need to call Afinityms if you are moving. We’ll take care of your AC.

UN-installation Services:

With our expert help, uninstalling your AC when you move homes or offices is easy. Before they take the AC out to fix it, the people who work for us check every part of it to let you know what works and what doesn’t. This helps you repair any problems before putting the AC in its new place.

Wet Services:

Our AC services take care of all your AC deep cleaning requirements in Lahore. Everything gets simpler with us on the job, including AC duct cleaning, AC coil cleaning, and AC filter cleaning. Our professionals thoroughly clean the outside panel and the drain and fillet pipes. Our wet services are included in our central or stand-alone split ac service contracts. Filter cleaning, vent cleaning, water tray cleaning, gas pressure testing, and gas filling are just a few of our services.

Emergency Repairs:

Even with the greatest measures, issues with the air conditioner may arise. Our AC repair professionals can handle it whether it’s a central HVAC or a split AC repair job. They will come to your home or workplace once you have scheduled an appointment, assess the situation, and provide you with a quote. Then, after you’ve given your approval, they’ll fix the issue and carefully test the air conditioner to guarantee it doesn’t happen again.

Cost of Hiring an AC Cleaning Company in Lahore

Even though the cost is the primary factor that people look at when it comes to hiring any AC repair or maintenance company in DHA, it should not be so. For instance, one firm may specialize in stand-alone home AC repair while another looks at office AC’s. Again, one company may specialize in a specific brand like ABC, while another might offer generic maintenance services for all AC’s. What you need will determine which AC service company you choose. At AfinityMS, we try to offer you specific prices for a specific service. If you are searching for “AC Service near me” or “ac service in Lahoreor “ac repair servicesor “ac service“, you may find your result when you visit our website or speak to our technical team.

Benefits of Getting AC Services from AfinityMS:

 We provide the best AC repair and maintenance services experts in Lahore to bring these services at very discounted yet standardized prices. We have taken away the unclear aspects from the cost and the services, so you know exactly what you get. Here are some benefits of choosing AC installation, maintenance, or emergency AC repair in Lahore from AfinityMS.

Trained Professionals:

With us, you get only the best AC professionals in Lahore to help you. Moreover, we have vetted them for their expertise and even trained them on specific services. Whether you want a specific service like topping up the gas or getting AC deep cleaning and AC duct cleaning done, you get experts who can take care of the job to your specific requirements.

Additional Work:

Any AC maintenance job can throw up surprises. For instance, our expert may open the outside panels of your air conditioning unit and see corrosion in the inside pipes, which they may have to repair. Typically they can take care of the work on their own instead of you having to run to, say, a Dell, Gree, Orient service center or a Pell service center in Lahore. But do note, the cost for these parts will usually be in addition to the service charges.

Unambiguous Prices and Services:

There is no ambiguity about our charges. As we ensure a proper quotation with the prices for each service must be defined. In addition, the services you get under each category of service have also been defined. This ensures you do not have any problems estimating the cost. The only catch is if your AC needs any additional repair work that is not covered under our AC service in Lahore, in which case you pay for the parts as needed.

Other services at Afinity Maintenance Services

In addition to AC repair services in Lahore, we also offer a host of other services to make your life stress-free.


If you want to get some new wiring done for your AC or intend to place the PowerPoint someplace else, our electricians at AfinityMS are what you need. Additionally, they can take care of every electrical need you may have, from rewiring the entire home to fitting in new lines for a room.


Your home needs a new paint job every few years, and it makes sense to hire our painters at AfinityMS to get the job done. You can also engage our artists to re-do your office space if you are moving to a new one or simply refurbishing the old one.


Few problems can be as vexing as a plumbing issue. From getting the plumbing re-done in your home to helping you remove the leaking tap that does not let you sleep, our plumbers at AfinityMS can accomplish all your plumbing requirements without any fuss.


Our handyman services help you take care of small jobs that need specific tools and skills. For example, if you are wondering how to mount the TV on the wall, then our handyman is whom you need. Similarly, if you want some small work done, such as putting up curtains, fixing doorknobs, etc., then you may use the services of Afinity Experts.

Home Deep Cleaning:

An essential requirement of your home, especially after a family, get-together, party, or birthday event; at AfinityMS, we strive to provide well-trained staff with all the necessary equipment to clean it at new in the shortest period without tantrums of conventional maids. Also, degreasing your kitchen is no more a hassle for you; just call us, and we will take care of everything.

Sofa Cleaning:

Afinity provides the best German fully automatic machines to clean your sofas, chairs, and other sitting tools without damaging the fabric or sitting materials like foam seats and ornaments on your furniture. Sofa Cleaning experts ensure to have the best visible results and satisfaction of our users.

Curtain Cleaning:

Now, you don’t need to remove your curtains and reinstall them again. Our experts are allied with modern equipment. Affinity’s expert will clean your curtains without removing them and press after with steam which was never available in Lahore.

Glass Cleaning:

Do you wonder how to clean all tiny hand prints on your windows, doors, and mirrors? Just call Us; our experts will arrive with specialized tools and materials to clean your glass and mirror streak-free and make your home sparkle again.

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Qasim Aslam
Bht achi service ha.friendly staff ha.aur masjid k liye free service dena tareef k kabil ha.
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Javeed Rashed
Thanks Afinity Maintenance Services. Today your experienced people done my ac service i am really happy for your most expensive team and thay done the job really in perfect way i am happy for my ac working profect . God bless your Maintenance company And God bless all of you . Once again Thank you so much . Keep it up . And pray to serve more customers.
Talal Ahmed
Talal Ahmed
Very professoional staff. Highly recommended
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Mr Majeed
Best services with security