Ac Won't Turn On here are some Troubleshooting Tips

Know about Your Air conditioner Troubleshooting Tips. You rely on your air conditioner system to keep you cool and comfy. Particularly in the Tampa Bay area, where temperature levels can get rather high during the summer season.

Disclaimer: At Afinityms, we suggest seeking advice from an expert and licensed air conditioning repair work company if your a/c system is not working. We take no duty for the info offered in this post.

6 Things to Check If Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

1. Inspect the Basics

Once again, when warm weather strikes and your air conditioning unit’s not turning on, you might understandably be extremely concerned about your convenience. This can make you ignore specific basic elements that may be triggering the problem.

Specifically, you need to examine the circuit breaker to see if an electrical problem is causing the problem. Make certain everything is plugged in effectively also troubleshooting steps by Afinityms. In some cases an air conditioning won’t turn on just because a plug came loose.

You should also check your thermostat. There are instances when individuals believe their a/c unit is not working, just to discover an issue with the thermostat is really the perpetrator. Ensure your thermostat is totally linked to a source of power and is in cool mode. Once more, while these may seem like fairly basic suggestions, these can be easy aspects to overlook when your AC isn’t switching on, and you do not know why.

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2. Know about Your Air conditioner

Recognizing with all the functions of your HVAC system is very important for certain important reasons. The more familiar you are with your air conditioner system, the more you’ll understand how to practice reliable air conditioner maintenance. This is essential to guaranteeing your HVAC system remains in good working order for as long as possible. Furthermore, practicing efficient maintenance will assist your system stay efficient, guarding against high utility costs.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that familiarizing yourself with the essential functions of your system can potentially be handy when your a/c’s not working appropriately. For instance, some house owners don’t realize that their AC systems have basic on/off switches. They might believe their ACs aren’t working, when in truth, the switch might have in some way been set to the off position.

Learn if your AC system has such a switch. If it does, this should be among the first things you inspect when the air conditioner will not switch on.

3. Check Your Filter

Changing your air conditioning filters regularly is an easy but extremely crucial upkeep job. Your filters play an important role in your total HVAC system, avoiding dust and particles from getting inside the numerous components and triggering problems. Nevertheless, if you don’t replace them regularly, they can and will get obstructed.

Doing so forces your air conditioner to use more energy to keep your house cool, which can lead to higher-than-normal utility bills. If you don’t deal with the problem, it can likewise cause your a/c to quit working entirely.

After examining the fundamentals described in the above two points, if none of those issues seem to be triggering the problem, inspect your filter to see if it needs to be changed. Keep in mind that changing your filters before they get obstructed will likewise extend the lifespan of your air conditioner system. Forcing your air conditioner to utilize extreme energy to cool your house puts the system through substantial wear and tear. In time, this can trigger it to break down permanently at an earlier date than it would have if you ‘d stayed on top of replacing the filters.

That’s luckily not something you need to fret about if you do change the filters frequently.

4. Examine Your Evaporator Coils

Keeping your evaporator coils tidy is another important maintenance task. However, you might want to speak with an AC repair business to learn the proper approach. They’ll assist you in better understand how to keep them as completely clean as possible.

Like changing your filters routinely, cleaning your evaporator coils will lower the chances of your a/c unit not working. Inspect them if the AC isn’t switching on. If they’re unclean, there’s a great chance that’s the factor you have a problem with.

5. Examine the Drain Pan

When speaking with air conditioner repair experts, ask them to demonstrate how to check your air conditioning’s drain pan. This pan is generally located listed below the indoor section of your air conditioning system.

In some cases it becomes complete. When this happens, it might set off a float switch, which will keep your a/c from switching on. Your trusted a/c maintenance and repair specialists will assist you understand what actions you can require to decrease the possibilities of this occurring.

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6. Discover to do a Capacitor Test

Include “learning how to carry out a capacitor test” to your list of subjects to ask air conditioning repair work pros about the next time you schedule an evaluation or AC repair work in the Tampa area.

This is especially essential if you saw your air conditioning making odd or brand-new sounds before it stopped working. This may be a sign that the motor has failed. A capacitor test will let you know whether this is the case. That stated, if you do discover your air conditioner making weird sounds, it’s best to arrange an AC repair work service quicker instead of later on.

Unexplained or unforeseen noises are almost always linked to some sort of air conditioner issue. Luckily, if your air conditioning won’t switch on, you can always call Afinity maintenance services. We offer quick and economical 24-hr emergency AC repair work. We work hard for all of our customers. We strive to do the best job we can at the most reasonable prices.

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