How to Keep Kitchen Cool during Extreme Summer Season

The dripping sweat from our bodies can just mean one thing: Summer has actually officially gotten here in Pakistan! With severe temperature levels nationwide and vital heat waves, it is practically a difficulty to keep ourselves and our house cool without turning on the AC. And now, here’s how to keep your cooking area cool throughout summer and avoid overheating your house.

So, without further delay, let’s cool the cooking area!

Use Kitchen Appliances for Cooking 

During hot summer months, cooking is no less than an obstacle, specifically when you have a large household to feed. The heat makes it all the harder to stand in the kitchen and cook over a hot stove. So, here’s our compilation of the very best tips to keep your kitchen area from overheating:

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Make use of cooking area appliances to prevent getting too hot. So what if it’s 50 degrees centigrade outside– you still need to eat to live and fight the cruelty of the weather. A fantastic method to stop your cooking area from overheating throughout summer is to prevent utilizing a range and utilize all the kitchen devices that have been consuming dust in the corner. Get the rice cooker, slow cooker, electrical oven, or toaster and maximize innovation.

Cook Late during the night or Early in the Morning 

Cook just when there’s no sunlight. Among the best ways to prevent overheating your cooking area is to prevent cooking during mid-day. Because the temperature level in the majority of Pakistan rises in or throughout noontime, we recommend cooking either late in the evening or early in the early morning when the temperature level is relatively normal. 

Do Not Throw Away the Leftovers

Avoid wasting leftover food and store it.
This one is obvious. The best method to avoid overheating the cooking area throughout summertime is to make use of remaining food. Technically, you will not need to cook if you currently have grocery store in your refrigerator. At this moment, we ‘d recommend that you deliberately cook more than needed, so you can use it the next day.

Install Exhaust Fans

Get the caught hot air moving.
As a part of our kitchen cooling solutions, we ‘d recommend you set up exhaust fans inside your cooking area. Let’s be honest here; the villain in summer season is not simply the rising temperature level– it’s the trapped heat and stagnation. You can quickly get the stored hot air moving in your cooking area by installing an exhaust fan. Get either a cooking area exhaust or an exhaust fan that can toss the hot air out and generate some cool air.

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DIY Room Cooler

Make DIY room cooler utilizing table fan. We understand that setting up a room cooler or air-conditioner may not be perfect for some of us, specifically considering the energy costs. However, you can make your personal air cooler utilizing just a table fan, a few water bottles, and some ice. For your convenience, we have actually shared a detailed guide for a homemade room cooler in one of our recent posts.

Close the Shades

Keep the tones closed during the day.
Among the best ideas to keep your cooking area cool throughout the summertime is to stop the sunlight from leaving your house. Excessive sunlight can significantly alter the temperature level inside your home and overheat your cooking area. If you are cooking during the day, it is best to keep the tones down and prevent sunshine as much as you can. On the other hand, if you are utilizing your kitchen area as the main source of natural light or have kitchen plants that require sunlight– it is best to keep the shades slightly drawn or relocate the plants.

No shades or window blinds in your kitchen? Take a look at our post, where we have actually shared an easy guide for setting up window blinds in your house.

Switch Unnecessary Lights Off

Keep the lights off when you do not require them.
Similar to sunshine, the lights in your house can also overheat your kitchen. To keep everything in your cooking area reasonably cool, it is best to reduce the lights and only use the ones you require. Trust us, you will be amazed at how significantly the temperature inside your kitchen area drops only by shutting off unneeded lights. Not to mention, if you can handle a couple of lights, you’ll eventually conserve some money on electrical power expenses.

So, this brings us to the end of our post. We have shared some ideas to keep your cooking area cool throughout the summertime.

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