Water Dispenser Purchasing Guide

As summertimes continue to get harsher and the heatwaves end up being much more extreme, having a water dispenser in every house is no longer considered a high-end but a necessity. These extremely effective devices have swiftly changed the ice-filled plastic water coolers used to embellish cooking areas in practically all of the country. There is likewise no denying that water dispensers in Pakistan have come to a long method in the past decade, enabling everyone in the household to take pleasure in chilled water with a basic press of a button or pull of a knob.

In the simplest words, a water dispenser is an electronic device that can heat up and cool down drinking water immediately. With this in the house, you will not have to fret about stacking bottles of water in your fridge or freezer. It also does not come as a surprise that these devices have gotten immense popularity in a brief duration, triggering local and international brands to manufacture a range of dispensers to cater to their target market.

Whether you remain in the marketplace for an economical water dispenser without a fridge or are trying to find something more modern with innovative functions, there is a large choice of alternatives to select from. These appliances likewise do not consume a great deal of energy and are rather light-weight, making them simple to move around. You can quickly find these electronic items for sale at electronics stores, department stores, and specified dealerships. If required, you can even buy a water dispenser online without much trouble.

That being said, with various manufacturers selling a varied range of water dispensers with differing features, selecting the best one can be a complicated task. Therefore, to help you simplify your search and figure out exactly what you are searching for, we Afinity maintenance services have assembled an extensive guide on purchasing a water dispenser that you may discover useful.

Without further, Delay Let’s begin. 

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Kinds Of Water Dispensers in Pakistan

Depending upon the space available in your house, you can pick in between different types of water dispensers.
There are 3 primary types of water dispensers in Pakistan that you must know about: floor-standing water dispensers, counter top water dispensers, and direct piping water dispensers. Though they serve basically the same function, which is providing people with cold water, each of these devices boasts a various style and performance.

Let’s take a look at each of these water dispensers.

Floor Standing Water Dispenser

This is the most common kind of water dispenser you are bound to discover in the houses, workplaces, schools, clinics, and other locations. These dispensers have a bottle of water installed at their top and normally featured a little fridge compartment at the bottom. Depending on their size and weight, these devices can support approximately 19-litre water bottles.

Given that they don’t featured a different stand, they are also referred to as freestanding dispensers and are usually sub-divided into two common types according to their variety of taps.

Two taps water dispensers that provide hot and cold water. 3 taps water dispensers that offer hot, cold, and room temperature level water.

Counter Top Water Dispenser

Counter top water dispensers are extremely hassle-free and affordable. They are the smaller variations of the floor standing systems and can be quickly placed on kitchen counter tops or any other surface area in your home. The very best aspect of these systems is that they do not take up much area and typically consume a percentage of electrical power.

You can find countertop water dispensers in a wide range of colors and designs. Much of the more recent designs also feature technologically advanced functions such as an LED screen and touch-screen performances.

Moreover, these devices can support 19-litre water bottles quite promptly. Though if you are buying a smaller sized unit, please ensure to purchase an appropriate water bottle to guarantee the dispenser does not topple over from the excess weight.

Direct Piping Water Dispensers

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In contrast to floor standing and counter top dispensers, the direct piping units are attached directly to the water supply line for a continuous supply of water. Commonly referred to as Point-of-Use systems, these systems include built-in filters that eliminate toxins and other damaging chemicals to dispense crystal clear and tidy water. These appliances are generally bigger and can be found in healthcare facilities, train stations, mosques, universities, and other places with heavy step.

However, in spite of their size and weight, these units are simple to run and have a low maintenance cost.

What Are the important things to Consider While Buying a Water Dispenser?

Ideally, your water dispenser need to have the ability to support a 19-litre water bottle. There are many advantages of water dispensers. For beginners, they are easily portable, provide you with cold and hot water at the push of a button, and minimize landfill waste by lowering the use of disposable water bottles.

Nevertheless, with the plethora of designs offered in the market, finding the one that appropriates for you and your household might need some extra research study. To help you in your mission to buy the perfect water-cooling appliance, we have actually note down the important things to think about while purchasing a water dispenser in Pakistan.

Size and Capacity

The size and capability are amongst the top things one need to consider when purchasing a water dispenser. The size of a dispenser refers to its height and width. Meanwhile, the capacity of a dispenser refers to its storage area and the ability to cool down the water. For that reason, prior to you visit a shop or location your order online, you need to determine if you have adequate area in your home to put a water dispenser.

This space must be covered and away from the direct rays of the sun, as constant direct exposure to severe weather conditions can harm the internal cooling and heating system of these units.

Likewise, you should figure out how many individuals will be using this device to fulfil their hydration needs. If you are considering buying a water dispenser for your house, a regular-sized system is probably going to suffice for three to 4 people. However, if you prepare to purchase this appliance for your workplace, you may need to purchase a bigger dispenser or get a direct piping system for ease of use.

Purification Systems

Many dispensers included a built-in filtration mechanism that gets rid of debris and hazardous contaminants from the water, thus guaranteeing it is safe to consume. Needless to state, these systems are usually more expensive than the traditional ones. If you reside in a location that does not provide clean and quality water, you might want to get among these dispensers for your home.

However, if you are planning to purchase filled dispenser bottles from a respectable company, a normal water dispense would be sufficient for you.


Many people end up replacing their water dispensers in the favour of more recent models readily available in the market. Nevertheless, if you deal with these devices with care and affection, they can last approximately a years or more in your home.

To ensure your dispenser constantly provides drinkable water, you need to clean it regularly. Otherwise, your home appliance can become a breeding ground for all sorts of harmful germs in addition to fungi. Therefore, it is encouraged to purchase water dispensers that are easy to tidy and keep. You need to consider buying a design with an easy-to-clean nozzle and filter to make sure a tidy supply of water.

In addition, if you have a small child in your home, you may want to purchase a dispenser with a child-lock feature to avoid any accidental spillage in your kitchen.

A water dispenser without a mini-fridge will likely cost you less.

Power Consumption

All electronic gadgets need a specific quantity of electrical energy to operate– and water dispensers are no different. These devices feature a cord at the back that can be inserted into any electrical outlet. Although a number of the more recent dispenser designs are energy-efficient, you need to remember that buying one would have a direct influence on your monthly electrical power costs.

Nonetheless, a fantastic method to utilize water dispensers in Pakistan without adding your energy expenses is to just turn them in during specific hours. When unplugged, these devices continue to give water with a single tap or push. Nevertheless, you won’t be able to get cold or hot water till you turn the appliance on.

Additional Features

The water dispenser costs in Pakistan depend largely on additional features such as cup holders that allow you to place a stack of cups on the appliance for simple gain access, or built-in mini-refrigerators that can cool down your food or soft drink within a matter of minutes.
Furthermore, numerous water dispensers come with removable drip trays that not only keep water from spilling on the floor when somebody is filling their glass but are also incredibly easy to tidy. You should also ensure the dispenser you wind up buying is made from durable products, has a high-quality compressor, and is energy efficient.

Apart from boasting these technological developments, water dispensers in Pakistan have likewise ended up being rather visually pleasing. An extensive variety of current designs today features trendy glass doors with an anti-leakage finish to secure your floor covering and other electronic home appliances placed nearby.

Service warranty and Repairs

Last but not least, you must think about purchasing a water dispenser that includes a guarantee. The majority of reputable brands offer some sort of warranty in case the home appliance breaks down or malfunctions after you have actually installed it in your house.

These deals are just valid for a particular duration, but they can come in convenient if your gadget quits working.

Therefore, Afinityms handyman experts suggest you please make certain to inspect the guarantee and repair work policy of a water dispenser before purchasing it.

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