What is the Procedure for Tank Cleaning?

Maintaining the cleanliness of water tanks is very important for hygiene. Dirty tanks contain harmful bacteria that can be harmful to health. Regular cleaning of the tank keeps the water clean for any purpose. Here, we will discuss the procedure for tank cleaning and how cleanliness is maintained.

Procedure for Tank Cleaning

Steps for Tank Cleaning

Preparation for the Cleaning Process

Before starting the procedure, you need to gather some necessary equipment. It includes a scrubbing brush, chlorine bleach, a mask, a bucket, and clean clothes. Ensure you have access to an alternate water source while cleaning your tank.

Draining the Water Tank

At first, empty the water tank. For this, you can use a pump or leave a tap open so that all the water can drain out of the tank.

Scrubbing the Interior Walls

Once the tank is empty, start scrubbing the inner walls of the tank with a brush.  Scrub thoroughly to remove any algae, dirt, or sediment buildup. Clean especially the bottom and corners thoroughly.

Rinsing the Tank

After scrubbing, rinse the tank with clean water. Pour water over each corner of the tank and remove dirt thoroughly. Repeat this process until the water runs clear. When the water becomes clear, it means that all debris has been removed.

Disinfecting the Tank

Use a disinfectant after cleaning the tank. It will kill any remaining bacteria or pathogens. For this, mix one tablespoon of chlorine bleach in a gallon, mix well, and pour this water all over the tank. Leave it like this for at least two hours to kill all germs.

Rinsing the Tank Again

After two hours, rinse the tank again thoroughly with water. Then, fill the tank with water, let it sit for some time, and empty it. Doing so will remove all remaining bleach. Do this until the tank no longer smells of bleach.

Refilling the Tank

Once you are satisfied that the tank is clean and has stopped smelling of bleach, you can refill it with water. Now, you can use this clean water for all your needs.

Sum Up

Tank cleaning is an important task to ensure the safety and quality of your household water. Following these steps can help you maintain a clean and hygienic water supply. Regular cleaning can prevent health risks and also extend the lifespan of your tank. If you need these services in Lahore, then contact Afinityms. Our team is an expert in this task. Trust us and contact us.

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