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Electrical Fires
Top 7 Ways to Prevent Electrical Fires
Electricity is important in every aspect of our lives. It is an inevitable part of modern life. Providing light and heat plays an important role in communication and transportation. Everything built...
Performance of Solar Panels
Understanding the Performance of Solar Panels
A solar cell panel is a device that converts sunlight into electricity. It consists of many solar cells made of semiconductor material. They absorb photons from sunlight through the cell effect...
Outsourcing Cleaning Services
Why Outsourcing the Cleaning Services?
Time is very precious in today's busy life. After giving time to our work, family, and personal commitments, we hardly have any time left for tedious tasks like cleansing.
AC Maintenance | Blog | AfinityMS
Cost Effectiveness for AC Maintenance
The majority of families nowadays, in one way or another, have an AC unit. Many families, especially in tropical countries, have air conditioning systems. Types vary from window types, split types,...
Air Conditioner Coils
Clean Air Conditioner Coils Stepwise Guide
It is critical to perform this task well, considering that your system’s operation (from its efficiency to the degree of convenience it can supply) relies heavily on the coils.
Normal AC | Inverter Air Conditioner
Inverter Air Conditioner vs Normal AC
Main Distinction between conventional AC and inverter AC. Although inverter and non-inverter air conditioners may seem similar, they are different. Even though they may seem identical, these two air conditioners vary...
Air Conditioning Unit - AC Removel
Did you just replace your air conditioning unit?
Are you experiencing signifying movements that it's time to change your Air Conditioning Unit System?. After a challenging day, you go home, exchange on the air conditioning, and prepare for a...
Sofa Cleaning | Cleaning Services Lahore
Fundamentals Of Sofa Cleaning
The only option is being educated about what your couch is all about, the product used, its structure, and how to set about regularly keeping it as clean as possible. Here...
Rug Cleaning Company - Blog
Right Rug Cleaning Company Decision Made Easy
When stain and odor removal ended up being difficult, carpet elimination is in order. Its replacement is essential when it's old or infected by mold. In such cases, keeping the old...
Air Conditioning Services In Lahore | AfinityMS
Air Conditioning Services In Lahore
Hot and humid weather can make you feel miserable. When the temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius and humidity is at its peak, it’s like torture for anyone who has to...
AC Services in Lahore Featured Images | Afinityms
The Best AC Service in Lahore
Lahore experiences extreme temperatures throughout the year which can affect your home adversely. If you live in rented accommodation or any other building without your own AC service and repair near...
Professionals Plumbing Services | Plumbers Lahore
Professionals Plumbing Services
Installing pipes and fittings to supply and utilize potable (drinkable) water and remove waterborne waste is known as plumbing. It is typically distinguished from the water and sewage systems that service...
Air Conditioner Servicing
Air Conditioner Servicing
When did you last get your AC serviced? The significance of routine AC maintenance is underappreciated. You may take advantage of optimum AC performance while also making long-term financial savings.
AC Services in Lahore | Afinityms
Organic Cleaning Services
Utilizing solutions with non-toxic and organic substances to sterilize and disinfect homes and workplaces is known as organic cleaning. Some individuals use the services of organic cleaning businesses to help the...
Tank Cleaning Services | afinityms
Water Tank Cleaning
"Water is life, and clean water means health," as Audrey Hepburn famously said, is unquestionably accurate. Similar to how planned preventive maintenance (PPM) benefits asset lifecycles, frequent water tank cleaning benefits...
Top Handyman Services | Afinityms
Top Handyman Services
Professionals like electricians, plumbers, air conditioning specialists, carpenters, painters, etc., are called "handymen" in this context. Therefore, The Handyman is prepared to assist you whether you are constructing or renovating a...
Miscellaneous Services | AfinityMS
Miscellaneous Services
Other than room and board and professional services, Miscellaneous Services refer to services and materials that are medically essential. A hospital or convalescent care facility must provide certain services or supplies.
Afinityms AC Equipment
AC Repair Lahore: Why You Require Experts Only
AC systems may develop problems for a variety of reasons, including improper installation, a lack of regular maintenance, or just becoming old, in which case they will need to be replaced....
Old AC
Reason to repair your AC
Depending on the type, your air conditioner should last between seven and fifteen years. If you require long-term cooling in a home with high moisture levels or where many citizens will...
Afinity maintenance services for every you
Water Dispenser Purchasing Guide
In the simplest words, a water dispenser is an electronic device that can heat up and cool down drinking water immediately. With this in the house, you will not have to...
Air cooler pros and cons by Afinityms
Air Cooler Pros and Cons
Air Cooler User Guide If you live in a hot and dry region in the country, then you must think about setting up an air cooler in your home. Well, if you...
afinity maintenance services AC Cooling
10 Common Ac Problems That You Encounter
ac cooling problem is one of every property owners' most significant headaches, which's especially true here in Pakistan. Temperatures routinely increase over 100 ° F, which implies that things can get...
Afinityms ac lifespan
Average Lifespan of Air conditioner
Your air conditioning system might be among the most pricey devices in your home, so it pays to know exactly when to change your a/c unit and when to perform regular...
Afinityms myths versus facts
Carpet Cleaning Myths Versus Facts
In truth, dirty carpets pollute the air inside your home resulting in a variety of ailments that your household might struggle with. For that reason, in order to keep your...
Afinityms Safe cleansing while working with ladder
Safe Cleansing Tips while involving Ladder
For seamless gutter cleaning or window cleaning, ladders are the fundamental tools people reach for to begin their cleansing chores. It doesn't matter if you use wood ladders, huge ladders,...
Afinityms hidden cleaning agents
Strange Cleaning Tips You Need To Know
Many home items can work well in places quite various from their initial intended uses Like Spraying powdered laundry cleaning agent on your roofing system can eliminate moss

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